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Chicken Curry Law is the story of rape of a foreigner in India and the court drama that follows. The film stars with Maya Johnson (Natalia Janoszek), who is a foreigner who works as a belly dancer in India. One day, after a performance in a hotel, she is sitting in the bar where Makrand Joshi (Ganesh Pai), son of an influential politician, Sharad Joshi (Zakir Husain), spikes her drink and takes her in his car. Accompanying him is his cousin, Nana Patil (Anirudh Sharma). The two men rape her in their bungalow and keep her captive for two days. They inject her with drugs with the aim of killing her. But she manages to escape. She is found by the police in a condition that makes it clear that she has been brutally raped. Social activist Satya Deshmukh (Nivedita Bhattacharya) takes up her case... Read More

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Chicken Curry Law 2019 - Trailer

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