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Khoobsurat, a remake of a 80s classic by the same name, is a story about the way a chirpy bubbly girl manages to break the rules created by an authoritative matriarch in her family. Essentially in the new version, Mili Chakravorthy (Sonam Kapoor) is a talented physiotherapist who visits the royal family in order to treat the ailing king, Shekhar Rathore (Aamir Raza Hussain). Hailing from a middle class family, the spontaneous, happy go lucky Mili does not follow the strict rules imposed by the matriarch in the Rathore family, Nirmala Devi (Ratna Pathak). As the contradicting personalities clash, Mili meets the royal and suave prince Vikram (Fawad Khan) and her heart starts to develop a fondness for him. Will the clumsy nature of Mili manage to win over the heart of this Rathore family ... Read More

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Khoobsurat - Trailer

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