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Bhim Singh is a domineering father and husband. He lives a fairly wealthy lifestyle with his wife, and a somewhat submissive son, Kishan. He gets Kishan to marry a simple and plain-looking woman named Chanda, much to Kishan's chagrin and reluctance. After the marriage, Kishan goes to Bombay to look for employment, and soon finds one. When he returns home to visit his "ailing" mother, his father instructs him to take Chanda with him to Bombay, as her rightful place is with Kishan. Kishan agrees to do so. Upon arrival in Bombay, Chanda is shocked to find out that Kishan is married to an attractive woman by the name of Radha. Now Chanda must decide whether to expose Kishan's dual life; to simply return to her parents' home; commit suicide. Or will Radha opt for a fourth option? Read More


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Hungama 2


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Naseeb Apna Apna 1986 - Full Movie

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