Preity and Amrita Arora at a joint birthday party

By Subhash K. Jha, January 31, 2008 - 14:45 IST

 Preity Zinta shared her birthday on January 31 with Amrita Arora. Preity was also the surprise guest at Amrita's theme party on the night of Jan 30. The two Aquarian girls even cut a cake together.

Says Preity, "Amrita is a really sweet girl and she has been inviting me every year in order to celebrate our birthday together. This year I said I had to go. Besides it was a theme party?wigs and hats. And I love hats. I am a very hat person. So I went in one of my favourite hats. Thank God I didn't wear the big blonde wig as I was planning to. Because the whole industry was there. How would I've looked?"

The fun-loving Aquarian side to Preity remains predominant. "All us Aquarians are gregarious and hassle-free. Maybe Abhishek, Urmila, Amrita, and I can have a collective birthday party next year. We are all chatterboxes. But I'm now learning to listen more carefully." Preity remains intact although she's now, in her own words, a better listener. "I have to be. I'm in all these board meetings for my cricket deal. And there I better shut up and listen. There's so much to learn."

Preity was in fact in a series of meetings on the eve of her birthday. "But on my birthday I've just decided to chill out. I'm at home watching a DVD, relaxing sleeping. Last year was a sad birthday for me. My dog had died. This year I've lots to look forward to. And I'm happy. The only thing that irritates me is the constant reference to my age from media persons."

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