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Imaad Shah is an Indian actor and musician and also the son of actors Naseeruddin Shah and Ratna Pathak Shah, his maternal grandmother was actress Dina Pathak. He also a theatre actor, and works with theatre company, Motley play founded by Naseeruddin, inclduing Katha collage (2006) and Breaking down the Walls (2010), apart from other groups.

His films have a small cult following and he is known for his choice of roles which are edgy and understated. He did his schooling from The Doon School, Dehradun. He was a finalist at the Frank Anthony Memorial Debate Competition when at school.He is also a songwriter and is the frontman of the band 'The Pulp Society'. His songs are spreading fast in Mumbai and Delhi's independent music scene

Imaad made an impressive acting debut in 2006 in Yun Hota To Kya Hota and in 2007 in Dil Dosti Etc, under Prakash Jha. where he played a young Delhi University student with a penchant for the secret corners of the old town. Later that year, in real life while traveling to University in Mumbai, he met with an unfortunate accident and was hospitalised with serious injuries when he fell out of a moving Mumbai Local Train. He bounced back with his next film Sooni Taraporevala's award winning Little Zizou (2009) which traveled to the festivals all across Europe, North America and parts of Asia.

His upcoming releases, including Mahesh Manjerekar's " Ekaant " and the indie produced " 404 " have him playing darker, yet memorable, characters. 3 films are in production.
Music is paramount to his life. "The Pulp Society", the music project he is part of, was formed in early 2010 and has since performed across the country including the RSJ Rock Fest, The Art Conspiracy Festival, Koregaon Park Pune, Malabar Hills, The Tilt Festival, The Hard Rock Cafe, and 3 performances at Mumbai's best venue for Live Music, The Blue Frog.

The Pulp Society is gradually developing into a full fledged, but closely knit, collective of musicians, songwriters, filmakers, artists and visual-jockeys working on their own solo - and collaborative - albums, videos, musicals, writing scripts etc. Members also include The Dualist Enquiry, Dusty Ryan, The Mystery Woman (read Women) and The Pianoceiver

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