Rehan Khan


Rehan Khan is the newest addition to the Khan brigade. He features as the lead in Anjum Rizvi?s Fast Forward, Anjum?s next film post the release of the critically acclaimed award winning film A Wednesday, a cult film based on street dancing. He dominates the screen with his intense eyes and brilliant dancing in the film which is set to release in August.

Rehan has been seen in director Kabir Sadanand?s Tum Milo Toh Sahi, a slice of life film which features Rehan as the lead alongside Nana Patekar and Suniel Sheety and sees him paired onscreen opposite Anjana Sukhani, in a distinctly different role than that in Fast Forward. A versatile actor with a strong screen presence, Rehan is set to take the Hindi film industry by storm and is set to make his mark amongst the top names of today?s generation of stars.

Rehan won Fame X, an Indian music competition broadcast on SAB TV. Besides a solo singing career, he is a member of the duo "Band Hungama".

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