Rimi Sen Bollywood's Lucky Mascot


Rimi Sen the gorgeous belle moved from Kolkata to Mumbai to achieve her dream of acting in Bollywood. In an interview with journalist Vickey Lalwani, Sen revealed that she does not use her real name, Shoumitra Sen, "because it is so unusual." Sen moved to Mumbai to become a film actress. She was first noticed when she auditioned for a Coca-Cola advertisement, impressing Priyadarshan, the director of the ad. Priyadarshan cast her in his hit film Hungama, establishing her in Bollywood.

Rimi Sen?s first movie was as Anjali in Priyadarshan?s Hungama (2005). After working with Hema Malini and Amitabh Bachchan in Baghban (2005), she landed a role in the blockbuster Dhoom (2006) as Abhishek Bachchan?s wife Sweety.

Rimi Sen, nick-named "Bollywood's Lucky Mascot" lost 8 kilos for her role as Sweety in Dhoom in 2004. Rimi Sen is now going by the screen name Rimi. She explains the name change as a career move: there are many other Sens working in Bollywood right now, and a single name may help her stand out from the crowd and stay apart from others.

Rimi completed her schooling from Bidya Bharati Girls' High School in the year 1998. Rimi Sen, or Rimi as she likes to be called these days, was an Odissi dancer who happened to catch the eye of a movie director while auditioning for an ad. And the rest, as they say, is history.

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