Khap - 2011


Madhur Chaudhary (played by Mohnish Bahl) moves out of his rural home leaving his father alone after various disputes they have. Madhur re-locates to Delhi along with his wife, Komal, and daughter, Ria (played by Yuvika Chaudhary). Sixteen years later, Ria is now in college, while Madhur is an Investigator with Human Rights Department. He is asked to investigate a case in his village of alleged suicide of a couple, Veer and Surili. The locals, including the fathers of the couple, Daulat Singh and Sukhiram respectively, admit that the couple had killed themselves. After going in depth in his investigation Madhur finds out that the deaths are one of many that have taken place in a region that is still bound by Khap Panchayat. It dictates that couples cannot marry distant relatives nor can they have an inter-caste/inter-religious marriage. As he delves further into this issue, he ends up being attacked, is hospitalized and then subsequently dies. Komal and Ria move in with Madhur's father Omkar Singh Chaudhary (played by Om Puri) and eventually settle down in the village.

Omkar finds out that Ria is in love with fellow-collegian, Kush (played by Sarrtaj Gill), the son of South Africa-based Jagmohan and Saroj Mitter, and arranges their marriage. After the couple return from their honeymoon, they find themselves locked in the same inhumane customs.

Cast & Crew

Ajai Sinha
Sangita Sinha, Siddhant Sinha
Ajai Sinha, Ishan Trivedi, Vinod Ranganath, Vijay Verma, Ashok Lal
Annujj Kappoo
Yogesh, Nida Fazli, Kumaar, Panchhi Jalonvi

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