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BHUJ: THE PRIDE OF INDIA is the story of an incredible chapter from the 1971 India Pakistan war. The persecution of East Pakistan residents by Pakistani military in 1971 leads to lakhs of deaths. Innumerable people migrate to India to escape the killings. Hence India too gets involved in this conflict and deploys a majority of its troops on the Eastern border. Taking advantage of this situation, Pakistan begins to attack the defence base of India on the Western side. On December 8, 1971, Pakistan air force suddenly attacks Bhuj airbase, taking commanding officer Vijay Karnik (Ajay Devgn) and everyone else present by surprise. Several lives are lost in this attack and the airstrip is also badly damaged. Meanwhile, Pakistan also destroys Surajbari and Banaskatha bridges and five major ro... Read More


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Bhuj - The Pride Of India 2021 - Trailer

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