Jaadugar - 1989


Returned American Shankar Narayan is baffled to witness his former businessman and jailbird dad posing as a soothsayer by the name of Mahaprabhu Janak Sagar Jagat Narayan, in a small town called Dharampur. He comes to know that his dad has learned a few magician's tricks from a fellow inmate, and is able to fool the entire township with his "divine" powers. Shankar enlists the assistance of noted magician Goga, and brings him to Dharampur. Goga challenges the Mahaprabhu; he is able to dethrone him, ousts him from his temple, and takes over. His task over, Shankar asks Goga to leave; but power-hungry Goga, who now calls himself Gogeshwar, refuses to let go of his new-found position.

Actually Goga is not power-hungry as he seems to be. Mahaprabhu, however, refuses to give up and uses all deceitful methods to expose the fact that Goga is just a mortal, and it is he who is actually divine. He tries to poison the 'Prasad' that Goga gives to his 'followers' but they all escape. In the end, Goga completely exposes 'Mahaprabhu' in front of the whole public along with the fact that he himself is a common man who posed as a 'Divine' man just to match and teach 'Mahaprabhu'. He then returns to his best role ? being the people's magician.

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