Kashmira Shah


Kashmira Shah has made the move from item girl to "it" girl. People first saw her in Yes Boss, recognised her after Vaastav and loved her because of Jungle. These are the three landmarks in her career. In 1993 she won the 'Miss World University India' and went on to national contest in South Korea and won the 'Miss Talent award'. In 1995 Inaugurated the 'Miss Globe' and was 'Miss Globe India'. Resulted in Best National Costume award and was in the top 5.

At the age of 16 she had decided that she will enter the world of Film Industry. She announced in her family about this and all hell broke loose. Her mother and her grandmother are classical singer and they wanted her, to join them. So Kashmera and her mum, who supports her walked out of their matriarchal family "With just Rs 250 in their pocket." Kashmera was only 16 and obviously it wasn't easy. She got a portfolio shot and just went out and started meeting people. She had no contracts. It was a struggle but she knew she had burnt the bridges behind her, so the only way was ahead.

In 2000 Nominated for 'Best Female in a Negative Role' at Screen Videocon Awards for Jungle.

Then her terrorist act in Jungle, seems to be gravitating towards baddie roles. She is going into the negative slot. She feel more comfortable with negative roles and I have that killer instinct in her. Despite the success of Jungle, Kash did only item numbers in Dil Pe Mat Le Yaar in 2001.

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